Chemise Style Guide – How To Wear A Chemise

Looking for some special nightwear? Our guide to chemise styles and accessories will help inspire you. Although these days they are sometimes considered a little old fashioned, this elegant nightwear still has a place in your seduction armoury.

If you’re not confident about wearing naughty underwear, a chemise and some well picked accessories is a fantastic option. This can be just as pleasurable to wear as to look at.

What is A Chemise?

Before we continue, it’s important to clear up a little confusion on the definition front. A chemise used to solely refer to a petticoat slip. That’s a garment that was worn underneath clothes to create a smooth silhouette, and given the central heating status in the old days – to provide an extra warm layer.

In more modern times, a chemise is an elegant and strappy nightdress. Despite their old fashioned name, they can be figure flattering and seductive. The soft drape of the fabric glides over your figure, creating a very pleasing shape. This type of nightdress will not cling in all the wrong places.

If you wear one made in a deliciously soft fabric such as satin or silk, they will  feel as good as they look. This makes them an ideal choice for a romantic evening sipping wine by the fire for those of us who prefer a more elegant and low key seduction style.

Setting The Romantic Scene – Your Chemise Style Guide

A chemise on its own is low key – but you can make the effect a little more daring by adding some carefully chosen accessories. Here’s a few of our best accessory suggestions to create an easy to wear yet alluring outfit for a romantic night in.

What To Wear With Your Chemise


Add a robe for comfort and to build a little excitement. A soft silky robe just begs to be unwrapped, and it’s loose form means exciting glimpses of skin and the chemise underneath will build interest and excitement. The loose flowing form will feel relaxing and sensual when it drapes on your skin. If you feel particularly daring, you can team a robe with a see through chemise, or wear a see through robe and chemise together. This creates an opaque look that preserves your modesty – but only just!

Lace or sheer robes are particularly sexy – they provide comfort and coverage whilst giving enticing glimpses of your elegant nightwear underneath.


Some seductive knickers are a great pairing with a satin or semi sheer chemise. You’ll know you’ve got a sexy surprise in store for your lover, which will build a sense of anticipation. You can choose how daring you want to be with your choice of underwear.

Cami Knickers

Soft and wearable, these loose form knickers are comfortable and add to the pleasure of wearing soft and flattering garments.


A naughty skimpy thong is a great barely there option to surprise your lover. You’ll feel super naughty wearing a teeny string underneath your seductive chemise.

Crotchless Knickers

Now this really is a naughty surprise. A pair of crotchless knickers, or even a thong is a very daring accessory to use with your sexy nightie. The bonus about open crotch underwear is that you don’t have to take them off when things get steamy. It makes spontaneous lovemaking and intimacy very easy.

Stockings & Suspenders

Wear a shorter length chemise that sits just underneath your bum, or one featuring a daring thigh split. This means stockings can be a great option. If you don’t like fiddling around with a suspender belt, hold ups will work brilliantly. Choose a style with alluring lace tops and they’ll peep out suggestively.

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