Sexy Plus Size Costumes

Body confidence is a truly wonderful thing and sexy plus size costumes cater for curvier figures. Once you know your best bits to flaunt you can choose a sexy costume that plays to your strengths.

Taking on a new role is sexy, fun, and also empowering. It brings new experiences to the bedroom and offers up a new way of being intimate with each other.

Did You Know | Plus Costume Trends | How To Wear

Did You Know? How To Come Up With Sexy Costume Roleplay Ideas

Lovehoney Fantasy Plus Size French Fancy Maid Costume
Plus Size French Fancy Maid Costume by Lovehoney Fantasy

Interested in roleplay but unsure of where to look for ideas? First port of call – take a look at our article on role play scenarios. The important thing is to feel confident and in tune with each other otherwise, it’ll just feel awkward and unnatural. Talk with your partner about what fantasies they have and come up with a scenario together.

It doesn’t have to be complex: –

  • You are a sexy maid. Clean with a feather duster whilst your partner sits on the sofa being the client. Plenty of bending over in that short skirt. Add crotchless knickers as a surprise!
  • It’s your first day on the job as a secretary, you’ll do anything to impress your new boss.
  • You are the lady of the house and your partner is a butler / maid. They’re going to have to follow every instruction to the letter or be punished!

You don’t need to wonder about what is trending right now because below we have put together a fabulous set of plus size lingerie costume styles. The styles below have been compiled by our team of dedicated lingerie researchers. These are the most frequently searched costume types by UK online shoppers this season – happy browsing!

1. Nurse 

Bondara Belle Plus Size Naughty Nurse Five Piece Costume
Plus Size Naughty Nurse Five Piece Costume – by Bondara Belle

Does your bedside manner need some work? Pop on this plus size nurse costume and the patients will be queuing! Heart rates will be racing when your lover realises you are the nurse on night duty – best of all you are on call all evening long!

Your cleavage has never looked as good in this revealing, crisp white uniform. Fluff those pillows – your patient awaits!

Team With: Sexy nurses Hat and Stethoscope. 

2. Maid

Baci Lingerie Plus Size Room Service French Maid Set
Plus Size Room Service French Maid Set – Baci Lingerie at Lovehoney

Ding dong, did someone call for room service? Let this sexy plus size maid’s costume flatter your every curve. The way it skims over your hips gives you the much-desired hourglass figure.

It might not be the most practical outfit for cleaning in but it’s perfect for taking care of your lover’ needs. You are going to ooze confidence in this seductive role play costume so enjoy!

Team With: Matching Maid Knickers & Hold Up Stockings.

3. Policewoman

Dreamgirl Plus Size Blue Lieutenant Lusty Sexy Cop Costume
Plus Size Blue Lieutenant Lusty Sexy Cop Costume – Dreamgirl at Lovehoney

It’s your shift to catch those naughty criminals – cops and robbers just became a very adult-themed game! You’ll need to make sure you are ready for a full-on shift complete with handcuffs.

When your lover spots you in this police costume he will be more than happy to be a prisoner to your demands. Your lover may be somewhat distracted by your body so the power lies with you. Enjoy a sexy night of good cop, bad cop.

Team With: Handcuffs and Crotchless Thong.

How To Wear Plus Size Sexy Costumes

Your costume has been decided but what to wear it with? Keep reading as we reveal the perfect accessories to your plus size sexy costume. Our team of sexy lingerie enthusiasts have carefully curated the perfect items!

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