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sexy red babydoll

Everything sexy about lingerie is surely epitomised by red Babydolls.  The cascading material as it falls over your body and the smouldering erotic colours make red hot promises of romantic nights in.

Made popular by the Baby Dolls film back in 1956, Babydolls have come a long way and are highly desired today. It’s really not difficult to see why.

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Why Are Red Babydolls Sexy? | Top Trends | How To Wear

Why Are Red Babydolls So Sexy?

See through red babydoll

When you think of the colour of romance, the colour of passion, and the colour of sex, red lingerie springs to mind first.

Red symbolises love – when it’s Valentine’s the shop aisles are a sea of red. Red lippy, red heels, red dress – it’s a very powerful colour that oozes confidence and glamour. This hot colour sets the scene for erotic fun and is the shade of desire, lust, and excitement. Dressing in red lingerie most importantly fills the wearer with self-belief, and this in itself is incredibly sexy.

Why are red Babydolls so desirable? When you take the passionate red colour and combine it with the feminine cut of the babydoll you have a very seductive outfit. You’ll be noticed, lusted after, and adored.

Sexy babydolls come in a range of different shapes and sizes which means they are versatile and suited to many occasions. Here are the hottest red babydoll styles for this season, based on the most searched for lingerie styles for this year.

1. Red Lace

Red lace Babydolls – the appeal is largely down to visual qualities. Romantic, flattering, and sexy.

The lace patterns show off glimpses of your skin and the stretchy material emphasises all your right bits. Red is the colour of love, a symbol of passion, and definitely sets the appropriate ambience. You will look fantastic in a babydoll as you feel the floaty material skim your hips and sit seductively under your rear. Let’s not forget that cleavage – a red babydoll will enhance your boobs making you utterly irresistible.

Team With: some lace top stockings and sexy lace knickers.

2. Red Santa!

Plus Size Hooded Sexy Santa Dress with Belt

Ho Ho Ho – someone’s Christmases are all coming at once when they see you dressed in a red Santa outfit. The red and white colour combination is festive, fun, and feisty. The question is, will you be on Santa’s naughty or nice list? Santa Babydolls show off your cleavage and your pins, meaning there is plenty to admire. The white trims around the chest and hemline just further emphasises your body.

Team With: a skimpy little red G-string or thong and some stockings.

3. See Through

Seductive, sassy, and see-through makes red mesh Babydolls very popular in the bedroom. Your body is covered in soft red fabric while your bare skin underneath is visible. The undressed yet dressed look is such a turn on for those sexy nights in. Plunging cups and the sheer skirt will have the temperature soaring. Red see-through Babydolls will have passions running high in seconds.

Team With: a pair of sexy knickers, red sheer stockings, and heels.

How To Wear Red Babydolls

Do you wear a babydoll alone or team it up with another lingerie item? They are a versatile piece of lingerie which means you can do a lot with them. Let’s take a look at some of the options!

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